June 13 & 14 Wax Works West, Corralitos, CA. Pattern & Texture


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This two-day workshop is for those who have had some experience with encaustic painting and who are interested in using texture and patterns to not only enrich the surface of their work but to build the structure within the painting. We will use the accretion technique, the heated palette knife/iron to create stalagmites of wax, a thick stencil to create pattern and the batik pen for serpentine lines. There will be additional hardware store items as well as tools that are usually used for other media available to use in your exploration of pattern and surface.
Lynda regards working in the studio as an exploration. Her process is intuitive. Being open to experimentation and discovery allows the environment and ideas to flow easily into her work. This approach is very contagious in the workshops. Demonstrations are held periodically followed by periods of time to try it out!

All materials are included.
Prerequisite: Encaustic Basics I or equivalent skills
Price: $280

Capacity 8


Wax Works West Studio
133 Hames Road
Corralitos, CA