Kristin Polich
Floating suspended drawings by Kristin Polich
The whole is greater than the sum of its’ parts.  Aristotle

I recommend the exhibition of work by Kristin Polich whose incredible 3 dimensional fiber work is on exhibit at Artspace, Richmond, VA
She uses wire, yarn, fabric and other materials to construct her pieces.

These pieces walk the line between drawing and installation. The huge gallery was filled with ‘drawings’ which appeared to be the creation of some being that found a spot and went about her business of doing what they do in fierce competition. 
KP describes her work resembling netting or a web that symbolizes fragility and strength. She explores the connectedness and separation of these essential elements in the human experience.
An additional plus of her work is the shadow each one of these dimensional drawings cast. The distance they are placed from the wall and the angle of the light on them create a rich experience. The patterns of her web-like forms are cast again in black and white shadows and this interplay brings this beautiful work to life.
I long to see larger pieces along with these intimate works in the future.

This is excellent work and I highly recommend your catching this show or future exhibitions of her work.