Words don’t do it justice 1. September 6, 2019

Thoughts on openings last night.
Page Bond Gallery: www.pagebondgallery.com
Roberto Jamora; An Inventory of Traces.
These are beautiful large works. He says he mines color from memories and it’s intriguing the way he creates a thick layered surface and then appears to scrape shapes in to uncover undulating color.
Angela Franks Wells;Parts and Labor. Copper plate photogravure.
These are rich and beautiful photos from an auto repair shop.
Allison Cooley; Your Nature Somewhere Else.
These are large abstract atmospheric abstract ink blooms where upon closer inspection one is rewarded by experiencing the delicate linear elements
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The Visual Art Center: www.visarts.org
Damien Davis: Color Cargo. Wood and color as subject.
 How we assign value to objects. The Luscher chart is explained as to how pseudo scientific about color choice is used as a psychological test. He has developed a lexicon of shapes over a long time on boxes to carry meaning and importance. This exhibition is packed with many references to explore in more than one visit.
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Reynolds Gallery: www.reynoldsgallery.com
Joan Elliot: Infinity Field
Joan’s new work has integrated more of the landscapes into her geometric patterning. There are layers of architectural details and patterns that overlay images of landscapes in some. They are a beauty one must experience.
Matt Kleberg: Blind Arcade.
His work refers to architecture and mixes it up with organic elements employing intense colors.
Allison Hall: for the white bird.
These are large black appearing paintings that take some time looking at them before you see patterns and shapes emerge.
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Frank Phillips: Pentimento
These large paintings are inspired by architecture and process. The construction of which is revealed. These traces remain untouched, revealing the element of time.
I missed the Childress Collection across the street which I will try to get back to.