August 14-16, 2018 Ah Telluride, CO

August 14-16, 2018

Starting and Expanding your Encaustic Skills. 


10 participant limit. 
Ah Haa School for the Arts, Telluride,CO

Luminosity, Lines and Transparency in Encaustic

with Lynda Ray at Ah Haa School of Art, Telluride, CO
Starting & Expanding Your Skills…/encaustic-painting-starting-expandi…/
August 14 – 16, 2018
Tuesday – Thursday
10:00am – 4:00pm
This workshop is for students who are new to encaustic and for those who want to expand theirskills and explore more possibilities with paint.
The hot wax layering process of encaustic painting produces luminous surfaces and textures. After learning surface preparation and some background information, participants in this three-day workshop will experience the process of applying layers of transparent colors, imprinting and casting with botanical materials, incorporating image transfers, and working with stencils and textures.
Step-by-step demonstrations will be followed by plenty of time to work and improvise throughout the days. Participants will emerge with a range of skills to deepen the direction of their ongoing work and confidence to create paintings incorporating new skills.
Although Lynda works in a nonrepresentational style, she finds encaustic to be a versatile medium for all types of work. Understanding the properties of encaustic is the first step to incorporating it into your own work. Wherever you are with your art, Lynda will take you to the next level.
( Students must purchase some required materials.)
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July 14 at The Workhouse, Lorton, VA


All Skill Levels
Encaustic painting is a process that produces impressive results with luminous and jewel-like surfaces and textures. Participants will learn techniques such as melting through, line and edge, transfers, texture and collage. Each person can choose to practice all of these methods or just the ones that interest them. At the end of the workshop, artists will be familiar with a range of techniques which they can use as they develop their body of work.  All paint, equipment, tools and small practice panels will be supplied.  An optional materials list will be supplied before the workshop. (Meets in W-7, 711) 

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July 12-August 9. The Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen, VA

FULL as of June 10

Encaustic painting, also known as hot wax painting combining pigment, molten beeswax, and resin. Finished pieces can appear luminous, smooth, shiny, or textured, as well as three-dimensional. This makes the medium ideal for working in both abstract or representational styles. In this class you’ll explore melting and fusing the wax, making clean lines and edges, and methods of collage and texture. Therer will be 4x6 wood study panels provided.  Students will purchase other necessary panels no larger than 9x12". All other equipment and materials are provided.

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