August 18 Workhouse Art Center, Lorton, VA


All levels  


Encaustic painting is a process that produces impressive results with luminous and jewel-like surfaces and textures.  Artists come to encaustic painting from many other mediums which then creates a dynamic and rich experience.  Areas covered include: safe studio practices, surface preparation and resources.  Various demonstrations will be scheduled with plenty of time to experiment. Participants will learn the process as well as techniques, such as melting through, line and edge, transfers, texture and incorporating paper and photos. Each person can choose to practice all of these methods or just the ones that interest them. At the end of the workshop, artists will be familiar with a range of techniques which they can use in their work.  Paint, equipment, tools and small practice panels will be supplied.  Bring wood panels up to 9x12" (not clayboard) if you'd like to make larger, more resolved work. An optional materials list will be supplied once you register.  

For those of you who have taken the beginner workshop and want to move on to a more advanced level, get in touch with me to develop your plan.

A Program of the Lorton Arts Foundation           
9601 Ox Road
Lorton, VA 22079

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