November 4, Six Wednesday Mornings, 10-1230pm at the Visual Arts Center, Richmond, VA

3 spots available as of 10/23/15

 All Levels - Lynda Ray - Experience the process of working with the solvent-free, luminous colors of encaustic in a supportive, experimental, and fun atmosphere.

Encaustic is a once ancient, luminous medium that is made of molten beeswax, pigment and resin. It can be smooth & shiny and textured & three-dimensional all on the same painting; ideal for working abstractly or in a representational style. Explore melting and fusing, line and edge, collage and texture. A small piece of board (4x5") on which to practice each technique demonstrated will be provided. Bring additional wood panels up to 9x12". The equipment, paint, medium, brushes and tools will be provided. No encaustic experience necessary. For experienced students this is an opportunity to review processes, delve into an idea more deeply or try something new.

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