October 27, 2012, PAAL, Petersburg, VA

11am- 3pm

Petersburg Area Art League
7 E. Old St., Petersburg, VA 23803 · 804.861.4611


Encaustic is a luminous medium that is made up of molten beeswax, pigment and resin. It can be smooth and shiny,textured and three-dimensional all on the same painting. We will explore melting and fusing, line and edge, working with paper, texture and scraping. It is ideal for scribing with lines, working abstractly or in a more representational style. Encaustic, once an ancient process, is now updated with new tools and equipment. Each participant will be supplied with a small piece of board (4×6”) for each of the techniques. If you would like to work larger please bring wood panels up to 9×12”. This is a good size for workshops. The equipment, paint, medium, brushes and tools will be provided. This is a solvent free medium.

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